Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Not A Fairy Tale

The first time we met, you hand carried a very big bouquet of roses. Since then, you sent a lot of them everywhere I worked. To 3 places to be punctual. Sometimes you just showed up in the middle of the day, asking me out to have a quick lunch, before you headed back to your place, in another city (or later on, another country).

Several times, you were at my office, without letting me know in advance. It was a very beautiful surprise. 

I will never forget the day you made me gasped by showing up on one event held by government institution, when I won something for my writing. You asked me to stand up, so you can see me among the crowd. How lovely.

The long, big and tight hug on my birthday last year was one of  the moments I will treasure. It will stay forever in my head, along with other times when you suddenly appeared in front of me. Those moments will warm my heart forever. I never felt to be loved the way you made me feel.

I really wish you will do those surprises again. I wish my cell phone will beep with your message to meet you somewhere for a nice talk over coffee. But I know I can only wish. I guess I should start to learn not to think of you as the prince charming to my cinderella anymore. 

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